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This Rendition of Sugaree is Worth a Serious Listen

I happened upon this band … they’re from Southern California, and were formed about 25 years ago. Longer ago now, since I initially wrote this in like 2013.

The lead guitarist, Craig, ran into Jerry in an airport. They got to talking, and in passing, Craig said that he and his band play a lot of Grateful Dead songs.

To which Garcia, with sudden amazement in his voice and a twinkle in his eye, replied “Wow! That’s amazing! So do we!”


I just learned today that Craig, the lead guitarist and founding member of Cubensis, passed away in June of 2022.

Surely, he will be missed.

A tribute to Craig, produced by John Murchison, the soundman for the band, can be found here:

Craig Marshall from Cubensis

R.I.P. Craig Marshall

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