The Final Countdown …

The Final Countdown Kid Running

The Worst Cover, Ever …

The Final Countdown

I have no idea who these guys are, or were; and really, that’s okay with me!

But, because I’m such a caring kinda guy, I just had to share this rendition of “The Final Countdown.”

View at your own risk.

What’s funny, though, is that I didn’t recognize the song until about halfway through it!

Be the Little Kid at the Very Beginning … Run While You Can

The video was originally posted on YouTube by martinson:

The original YT Video has over 5.5 Million Views! Not bad for a cover band, eh?

You can find it, along with over 12 thousand comments (as of 2022), here:

Link to Original Video – The Final Countdown

A Bit of Backstory

For those of you who may be curious, here’s a bit of history about this band: (I found this in the comments section of the original YT video):

This was a local group called Deep Sunshine from Hallsberg in Sweden, active around 2003-05. Basically a bunch of 14 yo schoolkids, and it sounds as expected.

This particular performance is from July 2005 in Sköllersta. There was actually an original song from them (from the very same gig) on Youtube many years ago, but it’s probably gone now. Sad, because it sure sounded better than this.

Edit: Found it, it’s called Big Tree:

Has 2,515 views, fewer than the number of comments here, lol

[ed note: Big Tree video can be found below]

Select Choices from the Comments Section:

I think this falls firmly into the “so bad it’s good” category.

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Does anyone know how to contact this band? I want to book them for my ex-girlfiend’s wedding.

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this song became so famous that the band europe made a cover

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know that the drummer is probably the only one one who can actually play, but, unfortunately, he’s playing another song

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Fun fact: this cover became so famous that Joey Tempest himself even reviewed it. He said that the Guitar sounded like bag pipes. By the way, he was referring to the solo when he said that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Way more difficult to reproduce than the original. Rhythmic displacement, polytonality, microtonality…. it would be almost impossible to note this down correctly

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If highly talented people got together, and tried as hard as they could to parody a bad cover band, they wouldn’t be able to do it nearly as good. This is the perfect storm of bad. Each instrument a masterpiece of fail. Every verse worse than the previous.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This was the most brilliant thing I have EVER heard!!! EVER!!! The singer even sang the background vocals, and he did the delay on the word “Venus!!!” This actually reminded me of Yoko Ono if she jammed with The Dead Milkmen or something!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the fact that im having a school project on this is sending meee. we are supposed to write an essay on what the band did wrong and what they need to improve. And our teacher also want us to listen to this OVER AND OVER AGAIN for each instrument i- byeeee

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

15 years later and this is still gold!

[ed note: 15 years will be subject to change; “gold” will always be the descriptive element of choice]

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For those brave souls among you, here is Deep Sunshine’s original song, Big Tree, which was referenced above.

Words … Simpy Escape Me

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