The Final Countdown …

The Final Countdown YT Cover

The Worst Cover, Ever …

I have no idea who these guys are, or were; and really, that’s okay with me!
But, because I’m such a caring kinda guy, I just had to share it …
View at your own risk.

What’s funny, is that I didn’t recognize the song until about halfway through it!

The video was originally posted on YouTube by martinson:
The original YT Video has over 5.5 Million Views!
Not bad for a cover band, eh?

One of the (many, many) funny comments:
“Does anyone know how to contact this band? I want to book them for my ex-girlfiend’s wedding.”

I also found this in the comments section, for those of you who may actually be curious:

This was a local group called Deep Sunshine from Hallsberg in Sweden, active around 2003-05. Basically a bunch of 14 yo schoolkids, and it sounds as expected. This particular performance is from July 2005 in Sk├Âllersta. There was actually an original song from them (from the very same gig) on Youtube many years ago, but it’s probably gone now. Sad, because it sure sounded better than this.

Edit: Found it, it’s called Big Tree:
Has 2,515 views, fewer than the number of comments here, lol

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