A Tribute to Cubensis

Cubensis cover image

Craig Marshall was the founder of Cubensis – A Grateful Dead Tribute Band in Southern California.

Craig also started a local music scene with his band, bringing us all a little closer when The Dead were not in town.

For 35 years he continued to gather folks together, introducing them to new bands and artists along the way.

He passed away after a battle with cancer on 2022-06-16.

He leaves a legacy of music and friendship with all whom he touched.

These are some photos of him from various fans, and he is singing Row Jimmy from the last song he sang February 5th 2022 at My Place in Huntington Beach.

Video made by John Murchison

SBD Audio recorded by John Murchison – Soundman for Cubensis

Thank You Craig for your endless years of Friendship and Music

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