Rocket Science Part 1: Redneck Turkey Fryer

Prepare Your Next Thanksgiving Disaster with a Homemade Redneck Turkey Fryer

First, ya gotta collect all the ingredients. Not too hard to do.

It looks so simple, so ordinary, so utterly innocuous:

Iron Oxide mixed with Aluminum Powder

Then, following the formula outlined above, add a touch-o-heat.
(ya may wanna step back a bit for this part)

Themite Igniting

As the heat increases, things will start to happen. Quickly.

Here Bubba, Hold Ma’ Beer; Watch This! Redneck Turkey Fryer Igniting

Woo – Hoo!  Whoa, Daddy!

Gimme Back Ma’ Beer!

Redneck Turkey Fryer

Introducing the New and Improved RedNeck Turkey Fryer!

Not Sold in Stores

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