Easy Ways to Make Money OnLine

have a plan to make money online

So You Think You Want to Make Money On The Internet?

Because so many folks ask me, “How Do You Actually Make Money  Playing On the Internet All Day Long?”

I figured I’d give a brief overview of the fundamentals of running an internet business, or any other kind of business for that matter.

Follow the steps in this plan precisely as I’ve outlined them, and you’ll be able to almost make money on the web almost overnight. Emphasis on ‘almost.’ Both times.

First, You Need A Solid, Well Orchestrated Business Plan:

Fundamental Business Plan

Totally Immerse Yourself in Your Market Niche.

Surround yourself with only the best of the best in your niche;
Exploit their expertise and steal their best ideas to create a smooth-running operation.

Name it something clever, like Banana, Orange, or PinkBerry.

Focus on Your Infrastructure.

Get Organized. Conjugate Your Verbs.
Create Spreadsheets. Lots of them.

Document Everything You Do.

Including all of the time you spent doing that documentation.

Create a “Department of Redundancy Department.”

Use it a lot. And often.
Be sure to document the ‘before’ and ‘after’ for testing & analysis.

Wires After

If Something Needs Fixed, Delegate.

Aggressively Implement Your Strategies. Carefully.

Be Sure to Have a Damage Control Plan.

When problems creep up, and I’m sure they will, blame technology. Or global warming.

Using the term “Technical Difficulties” will usually offer sufficient flexibility
to explain away just about anything that could go wrong.

Call it Plausible Deniability.

Due to Technical Difficulties, This Train of Thought Has Been Cancelled.

We Sincerely (yeah, right) Apologize for Any Inconvenience.


Reap the Rewards.

Retain an Attorney.

Ensure Your Passport Is Current.

Everything Else Is Cake.

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