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Real Estate Photo Album from the 1930s

A while back, I was fortunate enough to have been given an old real estate photo album of the house and property where I was born and raised. Many many thanks to those who got it into my hands for this project!

This was a realtor’s book showcasing the house and grounds that my parents bought in the early 1950s.

The photos are from the 1930s, and we assume the people in the photos may have been the original owners of the estate.

Here are some recent photos ~ circa 2017 – 2019 ~ sent to me by the then-current owners of the property. They too have done some major renovations, and it looks really good.

Here’s a Google Map View of the Homestead:

3 thoughts on “Michigan Homestead Photos”

  1. So happy to see these photos. We currently live in your old house at 7321 Pinebrook. I would be happy to send you some pictures of the house as it is today. Let me know where to send.

  2. Thanks for the memories, Mark!
    My house was at the end of Charleston Ave. just east of the M89/96 road split. House is on the west side and used to have an orchard where the bare ground is now, and beyond was a farm.
    You have great pictures of the house where you, Bob, Tom, and Lois grew up. The front lake had dried up by the time I met Bob, but not much else has changed in the pictures.
    Those were the good old days! Pat PS looks like the back porch was enclosed.

  3. Hi Pat!
    I remember well your house on Charleston. And the apple orchard.
    Your dad, Von, had that wonderful brick bar-b-q out in the back yard, where he’d slow cook chicken with several coffee cans of hot coals properly dispersed beneath the grate! Thus, he could modulate the temperature as needed.
    I’d play out there while the families were cooking & prepping meals; occasionally I’d venture down an embankment close to the river. I didn’t always go down there … it was a bit spooky for a li’l kid my age.
    If I remember correctly, your folks had a pinball machine in the basement.
    And a whole bunch of cigar boxes.
    And your brother Mike had a grand collection of model cars that he built. (1/32 or 1/24 scale? — I can’t remember.) Those cars used to come in kits, and you’d carefully glue them together. Kit included the parts, the glue, and oftentimes some paint (Testor’s?) so you could customize the final project.
    Ahh, yes, the good ol’ days.
    Glad you like the pictures …
    Talk to ya soon!

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