Curious Family History

In response to Kirk and our discussion about the Martians …

We decided that it was indeed his family, not mine, that hailed from that alien Martian clan. My family legacy, on the other hand, boasts a different sort of history.

I recently found some old family photos and it seems I come from a long line,
not of martians, but of dromedaries!

I now more fully understand why, in high school, my nickname was taken from an obscure, yet endearing, super-hero: Hump, the Wonder Camel.

Here’s Dad, Trackside,  in the 1930s.

Note the stylish hat. He always was a dapper fellow.

Camel with hat

Camel 24 800x600

Typical of a cool dude of the times, he was always on the lookout for some, shall we say, amorous adventures.
He’d scope out the ladies, looking for the cutest of the cuties in the bunch.

Eventually, he settled on Mom.

camel w/ cute hair
Great Hair! Cool Dental Floss, too.

He courted her, and serenaded her …

They went everywhere together. They were inseparable.

And pretty soon, they got hitched.

Even Great-Grand-Dad was pumped up for the wedding.

He was so proud!

Apparently, life was pretty good for a while …
… Eventually I came along.

Such a Cutie I was!

It seems, however, that my arrival may have put a strain on things …

Pretty soon Dad was on the hunt again, out lookin’ for some ‘toe.

When Mom got wind of this, she was fit to be tied!

Eventually, she kicked his sorry hump to the curb!

And Split!

Camel 03 800x600
I'm Effin' Outta Here!

Mom packed us up, and off we went, determined to make it on our own!

We moved a lot during those years …

I suppose all that turmoil had an impact on me & my arrested development.

Having never had a stable home, or even a decent barn … constantly having to make new friends and learn new cultures … all of that may have contributed to my future problems & dysfunctions.

And I was just a toddler!

Two Guesses: What's My Brand
My Iniation into the Church of the PBR

So I dropped out of nursery school, and hit the road.

To this day, I’m still a rovin’ sign ~ even Althea agrees ~ curious and always wondering what’s on yonder side of that desert?

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Yep, I Still Want One

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