Died Suddenly

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A Documentary by Stew Peters

Researchers are uncovering heretofore unseen phenomena in the circulatory systems of cadavers.

In its short life on the inter-web, this documentary has generated a lot of controversy.

The film both succeeds and fails in its efforts to help spread information to people who want to know more about what is currently happening in the world.

First, it does a good job, in my opinion, of establishing the fact that people are “dying suddenly,” and often from causes that are mysterious or at least not well-established.

And even though embalmers are not medical doctors, their unique perspective is extremely valuable. Their findings, as evidenced in this film, are (to me, at least) frighteningly enlightening.

It is clear to me (and always has been, certainly for the last three years) that something is happening and we’re not being told what is going on.

However, I have always contended that if you want to persuade someone to believe something, do not overwhelm them with information. Especially information that is merely peripheral to your case.

It is in this regard that I gotta say this film fails, not miserably, but with disastrous effects.

Inasmuch as I analyze conspiracies on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean that each and every incident has a nefarious network of alphabet-soup bad guys behind it. Although that is very often the case.

But I had a hard time understanding why, in this film, the producers chose to include references to just about every conspiracy theory that has been postulated in the last half century.

Each of the events to which they alluded may well have been false-flag events, or cover-ups or conspiracies … but why, why on earth make reference to them in this film? Their inclusion only detracts from the film’s primary purpose, and thereby weakens the impact of its message.

So I would suggest to watch the film with an open mind, and keep your focus on its primary subject matter: the researchers are uncovering heretofore unseen phenomena in the circulatory systems of cadavers.

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