These Bears Explain Bailouts and Quantitative Easing

Bears explaining bailouts and quantitative easing

This is pretty much self-explanatory … although by the time you’ve finished these three short instructional videos, your head will probably be spinning.

I know mine was.

Just Keep Banging Your Head Against The Wall Until It Stops Spinning … but not too hard, ‘cus ya don’t wanna hafta get stitches. Health care is too expensive to ever need to use it.

I realize that these videos were first published quite a while ago: like ten years or so.

Nonetheless, they are still valid, and perhaps even moreso today than when originally published.

And of course, they’re still absolutely hysterical. And unfortunately, all too truthful.

Many thanks and much appreciation to the creator of these gems:

Bank Bailouts Explained:
Quantitative Easing Explained:
Quantitative Easing Revisited:

You now know more about current economics and banking policy than 90% of the people around you.

This is not a difficult concept to comprehend, just be sure you fully grasp the underlying principles of bank bailouts and quantitative easing:

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