1911 Pistol Animations – See How It Works

Colt M1911 Pistol

How Does Your 1911 Pistol Work?

Understanding how your 1911 Pistol works is a fundamental step toward the mastery of this fine weapon.

So here we offer a couple of animations that help explain the ‘magic’ behind John Moses Browning’s beloved handgun design. These videos show the internal operations of the 1911 Pistol.

Here are some 1911 Pistol Animations

The video below shows a cut-away view of a functioning 1911 Pistol.

The video below was posted on YouTube by ‘Violet0313’ and is a compilation of videos showing the parts, assembly, and operation of the 1911 pistol.

You may wish to lower your speakers’ volume.

The following video was posted on YouTube by Thomas Schwenke. He does a great job of showing how the various components work, and the interaction among those parts.

Hats off to Thomas for this informative video.

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