Antique Woodworking Tools

Antique Tool Box with “Stuff” Inside

I know nothing about antiques, or tools, or especially antique tools.

However, thankfully, my neighbor does!

My neighbor, Mr. Michael, inherited this toolbox … I think it came from a family member in Michigan. It contains an assortment of old tools. We took pictures of some of the more noteworthy specimens. Not all contents are individually photographed, but you can get an idea of the contents, both in and underneath the three removable shelf-trays.

The wooden block planes are marked “M.Greenwood” (Cayuga, NY if I recall correctly), and “Hall & Case” (Columbus, OH). We can verify that info if desired.

Rather than attempt to part out the items piecemeal, Mr. Michael would like to sell the toolbox in its entirety.

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Variety of Antique Planers

Here are some individual planers that he has. These items are separate from the toolbox and its contents.

Although ‘dusty and rusty,’ they seem to be in pretty good condition.

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If you’re interested in these tools, or want more information, feel free to contact me.

Mark Zehnle


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