Dave Matthews Scene from “Because of Winn Dixie”

Winn Dixie the Dog

A soulful sad story and a beautiful short song combine in a touching scene from the movie “Because of Winn Dixie.”
Wonderfully understated performance by Dave Matthews.
And of course, Winn Dixie the dog listens intently.

(This snippet was “flipped” to avoid any copyright issues.)

But YouTube still enforced a copyright claim … they say no one can see or view this video on my YT channel. But I guess I can still use the embed link to display the video here on this site. We’ll see if anything changes.

Well, yep, sumpin’ changed. YT popped me for copyright, so here’s the video that I had uploaded to my BitChute channel:

You are like a butterfly
A caterpillar’s dream to fly
So bust out of this old cocoon

And dry your wings off
Go ahead and fly

It’s always such a lonely loom
Or sudden like a broken bone
You know luck won’t always come along
But dry your tears away
Go ahead and fly

Dry your tears away
Don’t you cry

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