Wilco at Austin City Limits 2013

Wilco Austin City Limits 2013

Jeff Tweedy and Wilco in an outstanding show at Austin City Limits from 2013. A very memorable performance, fer shur.

If you can’t watch the whole thing, at least be sure to check out Impossible Germany (at about the 44 minute mark.)

Nels Cline’s phrenetic guitar playing causes the sun to fall out of the sky … honest.

You’ll see why.

Set List

00:14 – Misunderstood
06:05 – Give Back The Key To My Heart
10:19 – Forget The Flowers
13:10 – California Stars
18:00 – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
23:55 – Art Of Almost
31:10 – Hummingbird
34:39 – Dawned On Me
38:48 – Via Chicago
44:07 – Impossible Germany
52:40 – Heavy Metal Drummer
55:45 – I’m The Man Who Loves You
59:28 – A Shot In The Arm

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