Ry Cooder and the Moula Band Rhythm Aces

Ry Cooder and the Moula Band Rhythm Aces

Ry Cooder and the Moula Band Rhythm Aces

Live at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz 1987



0:00 Introductions and comments by Ry Cooder
3:00 Let’s Have a Ball
9:07 Jesus on the Mainline (featuring Mandolin)
14:20 How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
23:30 Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb
26:13 Down In Mississippi
33:57 Maria Elena
40:23 Just a Little Bit
43:28 The Things That Make You Rich Make Me Poor
50:28 Crazy ‘Bout an Automobile (Every Woman I Know)
57:47 Chain Gang
1:03:35 Down in Hollywood
1:20:15 Good Night Irene


Jim Keltner – drums
Ry Cooder – guitar, vocals
Van Dyke Parks – keys
Jorge Calderon – bass
Flaco Jimenez – accordion
Miguel Cruiz – percussion
Steve Douglas – sax
George Bohannon – trombone
Bobby King – tenor
Terry Evans – baritone
Arnold McCuller – tenor
Willie Green Jr – bass

I found this outstanding performance by Ry Cooder and his band on YouTube several years ago, originally posted by César Ramos

Here’s that YT URL:


There is a wealth of information and entertainment to be had in the comments section on that page. A select few of those comments is below:

“The amount of talent on that stage is absolutely astounding.”

“This version of “Down in Mississippi” is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. RIP Terry Evans.”

“This band brings Heaven down to earth. I’m so glad I can enjoy music this good!”

“Ry opened this tour with a rehearsal show at my dad’s Mayfair Theater in Santa Monica – it was just me and my buddy and a few others in the audience, but it was one of the greatest shows I ever saw – the band had such an intense level of musical energy – Harry Dean Stanton came on to sing the encore – RIP HDS”

“Best one and a half hours of recorded live music of all all time, I recommend this to everyone! I’m listening and watching this for over 25 years never ages or fails to lift my spirits. Peace and Love to all!”

“I heard these guys a couple of months later, opening for the Grateful Dead at Laguna Seca. I wish I’d known about the Catalyst show!”


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