Some First Impressions Upon Our Arrival

Some early-on footage and first impressions upon our arrival at the Boise house.

We’d been at the property for about a half hour, and had toured the interior rooms.
Kirsten had a meltdown. I fetched my camera.
This is a brief walkabout … it doesn’t really capture the degree of disrepair that was evident throughout the house with every step.

With the rental truck & trailer still loaded, we headed to the nearest Motel 6. We got some food from the nearby Denny’s, a bottle of Canadian whisky, and some dog biscuits.

And we sat down and discussed what to do.To quote that old ’70s song by The Cars: “should I stay or should I go?”

Before we departed for the day, Kirsten noticed that the living room seemed to slope downward slightly toward the front of the house.

I’ve never really verified that it is so; it kinda looked like it to me, but then again, I may have just been a bit dizzy from looking through a lens ;>).

The condition of the carpet, however, is worth taking note of. I’ll delve into that on future videos …

I’m at a loss for words, which is highly unlike me. I’m just not exactly sure what to say about the kitchen.

Fortunately, that carton of PBR was not empty. At that time.

I reckon that, due to a sudden and unexpected increase in revenue at their East Boise location, Denny’s stock prices should rise significantly over the next couple of months.

The previous tenants, let’s call them the Dexters, now inhabit the house across the street which was willed to them by Dexter-Wife’s mother, who passed away a few years ago.

As we were unloading the rental truck, Dexter-Wife and Dexter-Hubby-in-Tow both showed up in our driveway and proceeded to yammer away the better part of an afternoon.

Kirsten listened politely. I continued to off-load boxes and appear disinterested. Nonetheless, I couldn’t avoid overhearing snippets of the conversation.

They mentioned that they had left behind a washer and dryer.

I thought, “Well, that was nice of them. I suppose.” So I took a look-see at the washer.

Upon first glance, I was skeptical … note the twist-tie handiwork holding the drain pipe in place. Above the electrical outlet. Classic.

And it gets even better. Running a vinegar rinse to clean out the washer was a short-lived experiment. The splashing sounds of the flood alerted me that something was amiss, and I shut the unit off.

Oh, and by the way, we have never used the dryer. Probably for good reason. For safety’s sake, it is also unplugged.

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