Robin Williams & Carol Burnett – The Funeral

Robin Williams & Carol Burnett - The Funeral

This Skit Is a Classic

Carol and Robin play so very well off of each other in the first portion of this, the scripted skit. Even simply “keening” takes them to an intense level of giggle mania.

But, wait … there is more.

When Robin requests, and is granted, the opportunity to do a second take of the skit, he brings his own improvised character of Morris (as in the cat) to the stage, and Carol has serious difficulty suppressing her hysteria.

If, like me, you’ve never seen Carol Burnett use profanity, well, in this episode you will see it. Unfortunately, you will not actually hear it.

I am absolutely certain that several years ago I saw a version of this skit where you could actually hear her say “Fuck You” at the end. But this edited (I assume by YouTube, from whence I initially scarfed it) version omits the audio, supplanted with a non-offensive (yeah, right, like any censorship is non-offensive) beeeeep. Curiously, though, it looks like her mouth is saying “bullshit” but I distinctly recall hearing “fuck you” in the uncensored version.

Oh well, life is full of mysteries.

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