John Prine – Live in New Paltz 1973

John Prine Live in New Paltz

John Prine – Live in New Paltz

State University of New York, New Paltz, NY

1973-04-11 (?)
FM Recording

Set List

00:00 Intro
00:22 Spanish Pipedream
04:25 Illegal Smile
08:41 Donald and Lydia
12:15 Sam Stone
16:26 Rocky Mountain Time
19:22 Pretty Good
22:41 Hello in There
27:46 Grandpa Was a Carpenter
30:52 Intro to Paradise
33:49 Paradise
37:02 Clocks and Spoons
40:18 Often Is a Word I Seldom Use
43:36 Intro to Dear Abby
45:01 Dear Abby
49:14 Sweet Revenge
51:59 Intro to Everybody
53:44 Everybody
57:37 Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Originally uploaded to YouTube by Jason Wang


Notes from Jason Wang under the YT  Video:

“I received this concert as “1972-04-11 Chicago, IL”, but it turns out to be from New Paltz, NY, 1973. I’m not sure if the date is correct – if anyone knows when Prine went to Rome, it would probably answer the question. It’s really nice to hear such a concert recording, just him and his guitar.

“This is probably the concert where the album version of Dear Abby was cut. The version from Sweet Revenge album and this concert sound identical, with the same stage banter at 43:36 – “about three months ago I was in Rome, Italy”, but has some interesting stage banter that was not included on the album: “Lyndon Johnson died; Edward G. Robinson died; J. Carrol Naish died…”

— Thanks for all your hard work, Jason. Much appreicated!


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