A few notes on this project

Most of these videos were shot off-hand, and uploaded “as-is” in order to expedite the publishing process. For the most part the videos are “raw” … I have edited very little of the footage. Some videos are a compilation of two or more videos that pertain to the subject at hand.

Once published, I won’t make any changes to an existing video, so if you’ve seen a video, it will not have changed. However, new videos may be added to an existing post if the new video pertains to the post’s topic. If a post gets a new video or any other editing, the change will be reflected by the post’s “last modified” date.

I will add new posts & videos to this archive as the project progresses, 

Posts are sorted in a somewhat chronological order. Which means for newer posts, you may need to scroll down the page to find them, unlike normal blogs, where newest posts are typically at the top of the page.

Resultantly, when viewing a single post, the “next” and “previous” buttons at the bottom of the post are reversed. Use “previous post” to see the next chronological post, and vice-versa.

I hope to incorporate a better sorting methodology soon, or perhaps find a way to search by “last modified date.”

Notices, Disclaimers and General Advice

Descriptions of the videos may be amended at any time, without notice. Obviously, at my sole discretion. No warranties, explicit or implied, are in force. Use at your own risk; we assume no liability for use or misuse of any information on this site.

If you “subscribe” to this site, do so at your own risk. You may get notifications that a new post has been published, or that an existing post has been modified. Or not. I’m not sure of the actual notifications process, because I have not subscribed to my own site. I’m not the commitment type.

A Few Simple Suggestions:

Buy now and save, as seen on TV.

Vote early, vote often, vote hard.

Have a great day, if you so choose — I’m not trying to tell you what to do.

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