Boise House — Roof — Estimator Videos

Videos and still photos taken by Idaho Roofing Contractors

Chris, an estimator for Idaho Roofing Contractors, took these two videos, and the gallery of still photos.

The first video shows the condition of the skip-sheeting on the roof.

The second is a walk-about on the roof showing the general condition of the shingles, vent pipes, etc.

The gallery below the videos shows a walk-around from ground level.

Chris from Idaho Roofing Contractors took this video.

He was standing in the access to the attic, and viewing the underside of the skip-sheeting onto which the roof is nailed. His assessment was that for the most part, the planks are close together and tight. He saw no issues with laying a new roof on top of this.

His estimate does include a few sheets of plywood (OSB? – I can’t recall), in the event that new wood is needed in some areas.

In this video, Chris is on the roof, and he shows some aspects of its current condition. It is evident that this roof needs to be replaced.

And here is a gallery of photos that Chris took on that same day.

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