Grateful Dead: Capitol Theater, 11-24-78

Grateful Dead: Capitol Theater

Passaic New Jersey, 11-24-78

One of the very best late 70s shows out there:

Jerry’s playing ‘Wolf’; Bob’s got his ‘vine of life’ Ibanez, and he’s on tempo; Phil’s got all of NASA’s knobs on board his bass; Keith is wonderful on pie-anny; and Donna’s pretty much on key.
Who could ask for anything more?

This is the Grateful Dead “Raw”: the music really does play this band!



Set 1
Jack Straw
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Stagger Lee
New Minglewood Blues
From the Heart of Me
Promised Land

Set 2
I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin’
Friend of the Devil
Estimated Prophet
Shakedown Street
Ollin Arrageed*
Fire on the Mountain*
Sugar Magnolia
E: Johnny B. Goode

* w/ Hamza El Din

Radio City Music Hall 10-31-1980

The Grateful Dead at Radio City Music Hall

Oct. 31, 1980


There are some audio anomalies in this recording … I’d apologize, but I neither recorded nor originally posted it. I just grabbed it from YouTube, partly because it’s a good show, and partly (mostly) because this was one of the four shows at RCMH that I was fortunate enough to attend.
And yes, I do have a story around this show. That will come later.


Apart from the minor sound nuances, there are some VERY RUDE interruptions in this video. I’ve noted them in the setlist below. Apparently, the show was broadcast live in several theaters around the country (we called it simulcast in those days). And the great folks from SNL acted as hosts for the theater audiences during breaks in the show.
Resultantly, in a couple spots the show changes from Great Live Dead to Stupid Loud Intrusions by the likes of Al Franken and others …

You have been warned, and you’ve been told where it happens

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Enjoy the Show!

Acoustic Set (0:00 – 0:50)

  • Banter (Bass Problems)
  • Heaven Help The Fool (0:03:10)
  • Banter (Bass Problems) (0:00:00)
  • Sage & Spirit (0:11:45)
  • Little Sadie (0:14:30)
  • Monkey & The Engineer (0:17:10)
  • Must Have Been The Roses (0:21:07)
    (Phil rejoins the band)
  • Cassidy (0:28:10)
  • Birdsong (0:36:00)
  • Ripple (0:45:28)

Caution: Lower Your Volume at 0:49:49!
From 0:49:50 to about 1:10:00,
Silly RUDE Stuff w/ Al Franken
and other fools from SNL

Electric Set II (2:08:46 – )

  • Don’t Ease Me In (2:08:46)
  • Lost Sailor » Saint of Circumstance (2:12:30)
  • Franklin’s Tower (2:25:14)
  • Drums (2:33:58)
    Remarkably RUDE Interruption
    at 2:45:30 — turn your volume down!
  • Space ah, finally, begins at 2:47:32
  • Fire On The Mountain (2:52:40)
  • Not Fade Away (3:03:00)
  • Stella Blue (3:09:20)
  • Goin Down The Road Feeling Bad (3:19:11)
  • Good Lovin’ (3:25:25)
  • Uncle John’s Band (3:32:30)

Caution: more rudeness at 3:41:00

Electric Set I (1:09:55 – 2:08:46)

  • Jack Straw (1:09:55)
  • Cold Rain & Snow (1:16:10)
  • Me & My Uncle » Mexicali Blues (1:24:10)
  • Ramble on Rose (1:31:38)
  • Little Red Rooster (1:39:26)
  • Brown Eyed Woman (1:49:45)
    (sound improves around 1:50:30)
  • Looks Like Rain (1:55:25)
  • Deal (2:02:14)