The Final Countdown …

The Worst Ever …

I have no idea who these guys are, or were; and really, that’s okay with me!
But, because I’m such a caring kinda guy, I just had to share it …
View at your own risk.

What’s funny, is that I didn’t recognize the song until about halfway through it!

Grateful Dead: Oakland Coliseum 8-5-1979

The Grateful Dead, Oakland Coliseum


One of my alltime favorite shows; this is vintage recording at its finest.
Till this video, I’d only heard tapes of the show, recorded from somewhere in the audience.
The audio quality of this vid is ‘different’ from the tape I had, neither better nor worse, just different. I must say that it is very very clean.
And the video is is such a treat to see the guys in the earlier days.

As usual, all I can say is enjoy!

Grateful Dead: 11-25-1973

Grateful Dead: 11-25-1973

I’ll search out where this is from, as in what venue.

I must include this one … sorry it’s audio only, no moving video.

This rendition of “Eyes of the World” is perhaps my all-time favorite. Aside from being so freaking impromptu and energetic, it’s timelessness stems from its lack of ‘perfection’ as we would know it.